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Makris Vision Group was established by Dr. Makris in 1993, he opened his surgical facility dedicated exclusively to eye surgery in 2000 and has performed over 25,000 successful eye surgeries. Dr. Makris founded Makris Cataract Center in 2018 to provide world class cataract care to the growing community of Fishers, Indiana, where Dr. Makris has been a proud resident of for 25 years.

Dr. Makris - Cataract Specialist - Fishers, IN

Makris Cataract Center provides complete cataract care.

From the initial cataract screening in Fishers, surgery at the Makris Vision Group Surgical Facility, to postoperative care. Our office and surgery center are designed to offer the most comfortable cataract care available.

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“We’ve learned from or patients how to create the most comfortable and efficient eye surgical facility.”

– Dr. Makris

Do You Have Cataracts?

If you have noticed your vision has changed and find that your activities have been altered as a result, it’s time to get a cataract screening. Most of my patients begin noticing that they are having trouble driving at night, seeing exit signs on the interstate, have difficulty seeing their golf ball once they hit it, and have trouble recognizing people from across the room. These are a few common complaints that are alarming enough to get a screening.

-Dr. Makris

When Should I Consider Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is elective surgery. You should consider having this surgery when the loss of vision has compromised your lifestyle. We will help you make the decision when surgery is right for you.

-Dr. Makris

Call Makris Cataract Center, serving Fishers, IN, and the surrounding areas. We are the only ophthalmologist in Fishers, IN. Dr. Makris specializes in providing cataract care in a comfortable, compassionate, and independently-owned facility.
Makris Group, Fishers, IN

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